Electrical Baseboard Heating May Actually Be A Good Choice In A Moderate Climate


Electric baseboard heating is a type of heating system that consists of a series of heaters placed along the walls where they meet the floor. Generally, each room has its own baseboard heater. It draws electricity to warm up a burner, similar to those seen on an electric stove, and the burner passes warmth on into the air. Electrical baseboard home heating has been around for a long time, but in the past few decades, it has gotten a bit of a bad rap as energy-efficiency has become a key goal among homeowners.

3 August 2017

Commercial Air Conditioning Tips


The air conditioning needs of a commercial building can be drastically different than those of a residential property. Often, these buildings are much larger, and this will place unique demands on these systems. A few tips can help you by reducing the odds of you overlooking valuable options during the process of choosing a commercial air conditioners. Have A Cooling Evaluation Of Your Building Performed Unless you have previous experience with air conditioning systems, you may find it extremely difficult to determine the amount of air conditioning that your building will require.

24 July 2017

Heading Out For Vacation? 3 Steps To Prepping Your HVAC Unit


You are excited to finally be taking the extended vacation of your dreams, and you have arranged for someone to take care of your pets, plants, and lawn. Yet, you still need to figure out how to make sure your air conditioning unit is good while you are away. Before you pack your suitcase, use these three tips to have full confidence that your HVAC system is ready for you to go.

13 July 2017

Tips For Preventing Issues With Your Air Conditioner


A residential air conditioning unit can be the only thing that is keeping your home a comfortable place to be during the summer. While this device will be indispensable for those living in areas with extremely hot summers, homeowners will frequently fail to appreciate the steps that they should be following to care for their powerful air conditioning systems. Prevent The Air Conditioner From Flooding A flooded air conditioning unit can be a rather expensive problem to encounter.

23 June 2017

Air Conditioning 101: Three Free Ways To Keep Your Home Cooler


As the summer months – and hot weather – approach, people all over the globe turn to their air conditioner for relief from the heat. While air conditioners do help keep your home cool and comfortable, they can get quite expensive. Luckily, you can lend a hand to your air conditioner so that it can keep you cool without costing a fortune. So how can you minimize energy usage while still staying cool?

8 June 2017

Don't Let Disturbances In The Electrical Force Destroy Your Air Conditioner


There are many things that can damage your air conditioner but, like a rogue Jedi, electricity can do the most damage the fastest through sudden and uncontrolled power surges. Here's more information about this problem, and what you can to fix it. Internal and External Power Surges Power surges occur when there is a sudden increase in the amount of electricity running through the electrical system in your home, and they can be caused by both internal and external issues.

19 May 2017

Tips To Save Money On Your A/C Bill


It's easy to turn up the A/C during those hot summer months to feel more comfortable, but then you get your energy bill for the month and your stomach sinks just a bit when you see the amount you owe. There are a number of ways to help stay cool without cranking the dial on your thermostat, and they can help save you money on your bill so you aren't left feeling sick when you open up that envelope.

14 May 2017